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EMBO CAPS® by Suheung LP+ Liquid Capsule


Brea, June 21, 2019: Supplied globally under the Embocaps® by Suheung brand, the Embocaps®LP+ is a hard capsule specifically designed to hold liquids and fine powders. The Embocaps® LP+

is available in multiple gelatin, vegetarian and relayed release formulations.

Available as a stock item in natural clear or white, the Embocaps® LP+ may also be customized to include trade dress (custom color and printing) to maximize product recognition and differentiation.

“Filling machine operators will see a night and day difference moving from a competitive brand to the Embocaps® LP+, it is that dramatic. Our Embo® feature helps keep the cap round and secures the cap firmly to prevent pop-back, where the compressed air bubble wants to move the cap out of lock position. This is key to ensure the capsules can efficiently move from the filling to the banding operation without leaking.” explains Chris Kotevich, Director of Sales and Marketing for Suheung-America Corp, “The only companies not using our LP+ for liquid capsule filling are companies that have never tried them.”

Suheung co. Ltd was founded in 1973 and remains under the same ownership since inception.

Through the Embocaps® by Suheung marketing brand, and fueled by an unrivaled reputation for quality and consistency, Suheung Co. Ltd has grown to be the third largest supplier of empty capsules globally. Embocaps® by Suheung offers a full range of empty capsules, Size 000 thru 5 in gelatin and non-gelatin variations. Inhalation and liquid compatible capsules as well as capsules

for clinical trials.

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