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EMBO CAPS® Suheung’s Coronavirus Statement


Dear Valued Customers, Partners, and Friends,

I hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.

The COVID-19 pandemic, for most of us, has immediately and significantly affected our professional and personal lives and will most likely reshape how we go about each day from hereon.

These are times where risk assessment strategies in sourcing and business continuity plans are tested and tried for robustness. In this regard, you can rely on EMBOCAPS® for your capsule requirements.

The media has widely covered South Korea's response to COVID-19, and though statistics are promising, things are still far from returning to the norm. We at EMBOCAPS® have not let our guards down in our vigilance. We are also adhering to strict precautionary measures to maintain the continuity of the capsule supply from our plants in Korea and Vietnam.

We are in contact with our global key ingredients suppliers to proactively respond to any possible delays, which may be caused by temporary shutdowns or logistics issues in getting the materials to us. 

Likewise, while we have no issues in sending products out from our respective countries of production, there could be unforeseeable delays such as port closures at the country of destination or delays due to vessel or flight cancellations. Our logistics teams in Korea and Vietnam are doing the best they can to make sure your products arrive on time.

Our sales and customer service personnel are all working hard (at home) to support you. Please reach out to your EMBOCAPS® representative to schedule an online meeting to discuss your capsule supply.

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