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Why Embocaps®?
  • Superior Stability
  • Embocaps® by Suheung patented capsule design
    maximizes the performance and function of the capsules.
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  • Embocaps® by Suheung capsules are manufactured to optimize stability
  • Our capsules are not required to be shipped on refrigerated containers and trucks due to the science utilized during their manufacturing.
    The capsules are so well manufactured they may be kept outside recommended storage conditions and will still perform optimally.
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  • Embocaps® by Suheung utilize Only the Highest Grades of Raw Materials
  • The majority of our gelatin utilized in the manufacturing of the capsule is sourced from Geltech, a fully owned subsidiary of Suheung. Strict specification compliance and computerized raw material cross blending ensure only bulks with the exacting requirements ever reach the capsulation machines. Quality always outweighs cost in raw material selection.
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  • Embocaps® capsules carry 5 year expiration dating and utilize our unique superior packaging system
  • All Embocaps® by Suheung capsules meet regulatory requirements for the market to which they are supplied including the applicable Pharmacopeias.